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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' new logo
Coming to a toyshop and screen near you soon.
Turtles wiki

Rian in 'Pop Psychedelic' from Last Gasp
Complied by Si Juan's Big Bros Workshop in Malaysia, publishers of the beautiful Territory magazine, this is "a massive, comprehensive graphic design collection exploding with a blend of psychedelic and pop imagery. A fantastic sourcebook featuring dozens of contemporary artists, illustrators and designers."

'Nelson' awarded Best Book at the British Comic Awards, Though Bubble festival
Edited by Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix, and in aid of Shelter. "Part exquisite corpse and part relay race, Nelson spans decades of British history and a myriad of stylistic approaches in telling the story of one woman's life by 54 creators, in 54 episodes, detailing 54 days." Includes work from Rian Hughes, Paul Grist, Rob Davis, Woodrow Phoenix, Gary Northfield, Sarah McIntyre, Glyn Dillon, I.N.J.Culbard, Philip Bond, D'Israeli, Sean Phillips, Hunt Emerson, Duncan Fegredo, Garen Ewing, Posy Simmonds and more. Published by Blank Slate Books.
British Comic Awards
Blank Slate

HYPER-POP at the Barbican, 16th November, 2013
"Step into the shoes of Pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein and make your own comic book stories starting from their original sources in this special Comica Workshop as part of the Pop Art Design exhibition at The Barbican Centre Gallery. Comic artists including Gary Northfield (The Beano and The Phoenix) and Rian Hughes (2000AD, Dan Dare and Batman) are there to offer their advice and expertise."

Warren Ellis and Mike McKone's "Avengers: Endless Wartime"
Rian's design for the first in a series of Marvel OGNs (Original Graphic Novels).

The Best of Wonder Warthog
One of Hughes' favourite creators gets the "big fat collection" treatment again - this time, it's Philbert Desanex, aka the Hog of Steel, Wonder Warthog. New cover illustration by Shelton, design by Hughes.
Review at BoingBoing

Hughes exhibits work at Baxter and Bailey's "Sequential City" exhibition, part of the London Design Festival
"Seawigs" artist Sarah McIntyre blogs about it all, including the jam comic and the comic jam here.

Soho Dives, Soho Divas limited editon prints
A signed, numbered edition of 80 copies each of 4 popular images from the book. Available via Gosh! Comics in Berwick Street, London, Atomica Gallery in Covent Garden, London, and globally on the Web via Fairgoods.
Gosh! Comics
Atomica Gallery

"Exploitation" poster designs for DeConnick's upcoming Bitch Planet series
Image Comics

Hughes' 'Batman: Black and White': Reviews
"Retro really is the only way to defeat Postmodernism"
Wildly positive or completely bemused. Sometimes both at the same time. Take your pick!

Airing News
"This is the story that ties for absolute best of the issue along with Paul Dini's story. Rian Hughes writes and illustrates this with wit, verve and imagination, harkening back to the silver age of comics to tell an outlandish science fiction tale whilst taking notes from Morrison and Waid and breaking not just the story, but even the writing down to its basest of elements. The artwork is a mishmash of decade's worth of material, combining the stylization of Cooke with the experimental qualities of the silver age and the eerie tones of an old sci-fi story. Absolutely perfect. 5/5"

Comic Book Resources
"Namtab: Babel Comes to Gotham" by Rian Hughes is a theoretical piece, starting with its title and ending with a "just fiction from the butler" framing device. It is postmodern, but so gaily ironic that it makes fun of Postmodernism. Hughes heavily namechecks cultural theory, contemporary art, comics theory and constantly breaks the fourth wall. It also a zany, retro space story that is really just a vehicle for all the ideas. This is conceptual art, and it will not be every reader's thing. That said, Hughes' enthusiasm, his cartoony style and the ridiculous sheer density his allusions, metanarrative makes for a different and often amusing reading experience."

Multiversity Comics
"Rian Hughes' story, "Namtab: Babel Comes To Gotham", is easily the most divisive story of the lot. Hearkening back to Silver Age psychedelic sci-fi, Rian Hughes channels his best Grant Morrison in a story that turns language itself against Batman. It's a very trippy story that might need a couple read-throughs before its meta-textual ending that even draws attention to the story's monochrome nature to click, but when it does it might be the stand out of the bunch. Thanks to Hughes' pop art styled design and bold art, this might be the most visually interesting story in the issue that comes back with a story with much more than depth than the eight pages that contains it. This is the story that justifies that $4.99 price tag."

"The winners in Batman: Black and White #3 are Paul Dini, Stephanne Roux and Rian Hughes... Hughes manages to produce one of the weirdest comic books I have ever read. Seriously, it's freaking bananas, which is what I love about it. I can't even describe it, but just know it has a line of dialogue that reads, "Retro really is the only way to defeat postmodernism."

Batman News
"I don't know what writer and artist Rian Hughes was going for with this one. The throwback cover with Tal-Dar was probably my favorite part, but everything after that, well, I was just wanting it to end but it just kept going. What starts out as a plot similar to Mark Waid's Tower of Babel mixed with some Silver Age nostalgia quickly mutates into a strange post-modern commentary on the art of sequential storytelling told through characters that look like they stepped out of those Erin Esurance commercials. "Namtab" looks like fun, but I found it overly wordy and obnoxious."
(Rian says: "The Erin Insurance commercials have been compared to my work before. Having met some of the animators that worked on it, they freely admitted they'd used my work as inspiration.")

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