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Device Collection 15: 112 Hours released
Rian Hughes' fifteenth collection of fonts focuses on numbers. Culled from a myriad of sources - clock faces, tickets, watches, house numbers - this is an eclectic and broad-ranging collection. The accompanying catalogue features sample settings, complete character sets, source material, and an introduction by Hughes.
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Catalogue available on Blurb - Paperback
Catalogue available on Blurb - Hardback

Magenta is Not a Colour
A comic story of colour prejudice written and drawn by Rian for Vertigo's CMYK series, and out now.
Review on Bloody Disgusting

The Mammoth Book of Skulls
"Room For Love" author Ilya's huge compilation includes a selection of images and photo essay by Rian.
Running Press

Rian at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, 17th to the 19th October, 2014
"I'll be discussing some familiar logo designs I've done for Batman, Tangent, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and others," says Rian Hughes of his planned event at the Festival, "showing the process of refining ideas to arrive at the final logo. I'll also be showing my comic strip work as it relates to my mainstream illustration work in advertising and design, talking about the intricacies of font design, and how very similar concerns about narrative underpin them all."
The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Rian in 'Design: Logo'
Paul Howalt and Von Glitschka, two very talented designer/illustrators in their own right, edit this new compendium of logos. Features a "Closer Look" at Rian's Batgirl logo designs, including never-before published alternatives.
Tactix Creative

Steve Heller reviews Soho Dives, Soho Divas
"Maybe I'm Toulouse Lautrec. But with a computer."
Print magazine

Type wrapping paper from Fairgoods
Online design retailer Fairgoods release sets of type-based wrapping paper designed by well-known type designers.

'Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s' published
From Carlton Books, the follow-up to 'Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s' is finally published. Beautiful work from a cross-section of the finest illustrators of the period from both sides of the Atlantic - Coby Whitmore, Eric Earnshaw, Harry Hants, Lyn Buckham, Andy Virgil, Jon Whitcomb and more. "An enthralling overview of the astonishing artistic skill of the leading lifestyle illustrators of the period".
Review and image gallery

Alternative Batmobile designs from Hughes' "Batman Black and White" strip
"Anyone got contacts at Hot Wheels?"
Bleeding Cool

Rian in 'Comic Book Sketchbooks'
"'Comics Sketchbooks' presents the private notebooks of eighty-two of the world's most inventive, innovative, and successful artists alongside new talents and emerging illustrators. The artists have been selected by the world's leading critic and most knowledgeable source in the field of graphic design and illustration, Steven Heller, who has had personal access to some of the most private and unseen material."

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