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Rian at the seventh annual Friends of St Bride Library conference
While 20th century typefaces have been collected and documented in depth, custom type, in the form of the handlettered headlines that were prevalent in magazines and advertising have been somewhat overlooked. This presentation takes an overview of Rian Hughes' collection from the 1910s to the 1970s.
The seventh annual Friends of St Bride Library conference, "Seeking Inspiration", is on 15 and 16 May 2008.
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Ugenia Lavender
The first of six books written by Ginger Spice and illustrated by Rian has been launched at London Zoo. Is that a stick insect Bluebell's munching on? Quick, cakes and tea all round!
BBC coverage
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Industrial Romantic: Photographs
Rian has put together a personal selection of photographs spanning the period 1984-2007 for this full-colour book, available for a short time to "road test" the new digital print-on-demand technology. The future of publishing is here!
240 pages, 215mm square limpback; features many new and unseen images and a new introduction.
Available fom Lulu Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-9551376-3-1
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Comic Art Now
Dez Skinn's new and comprehensive coffee-table sized overview of the best Comic Art, Now, sports a two-tone spot varnished Hughes cover.
Published by Ilex Press.
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Really Good Logos, Explained
Editor Nancy Heinonen at Rockport invited four established designers to co-author a book based on a unique premise - Margo Chase, Rian Hughes, Alex White and Ron Miriello critique a selection of logos and explain what makes them work, and what makes them fall short of the mark. "Razor-sharp insights from today's top creative minds", it says here.
Rockport Publishing

The AIGA Journal of Design interview: Belief in Yesterdays
"While celebrated in the British design and comics press for decades, Rian Hughes has been generally overlooked by major U.S. publications. Hughes has been credited with doing more than anyone else to elevate the sophistication level of comic book design, and recently completed several makeovers for top comics companies. Michael Dooley brings him into focus."
AIGA Voice

Esurance - Rian or knock-off?
The new Esurance commercials have been very popular - and did Rian design them, we get asked? The answer is no. The main character, Erin, bears a striking resemblance to several of Rian's illustrations; she obviously goes to the same hairdresser, for example.
Judge for yourself here

Device fonts chart in FontShop's Top Ten Fonts of 2007
"Damaged Display": Celebrate beautiful imperfection with rough and worn letters lifted from asphalt, paint stencils, old wood type, and manhole covers.

Design, Tea and Biscuits: Rian at the Art Directors Club, New York
Courtesy of Veer, join us for an evening of genteel design discussion and refreshment with the British illustrator, graphic designer, comics artist and typographer.
Event Details:
Thursday, November 15, 2007
The Art Directors Club
106 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
6:30-9:30 PM
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The classic X-Men logo - redesigned
Todd Klein discusses Rian's new X-Men logo designs
Todd's Blog.

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