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CULT-URE: Ideas Can Be Dangerous
Both written and designed by Rian, and something of an epic in the making, the new book is out now.

"Ideas are the currency of the modern media-driven world. They shape our very culture. Culture is your local consensus reality - your clothing, cuisine and hairstyle, the music you listen to, the films you see; your values, ideas, beliefs and prejudices. Today culture has a powerful new vector: the internet. Ideas - whether a YouTube video, a viral marketing phenomenon or a fundamentalist religion - are travelling further and faster than ever before. In the new electronic democracy of ideas, cultural power is devolving to the creative individual.

"Soon we will all have the means to create.
We just have to decide whether it be art or bombs."

An experiment in 'authored design' that melds graphics and text, it provides a thought-provoking exploration of the media age, the pervasive language of signs, symbols and meaning, and the ideas - both benign and dangerous - that travel through them. The "Gideon's Bible for the boutique hotel", CULT-URE examines the changing nature of communication, perception and identity. As both a bold graphic statement and a potent inoculation against infection by contagious ideas, CULT-URE will help you survive the coming Cult-ural Revolution.

Faux-leather binding with foil blocking, gold blocked page edges, diecuts and silk ribbon. 6x9".
Available on Amazon
Fiell Publishing
A limited edition featuring a signed art card, real leather binding, slipcase and stickers is also available.

New York Times custom font
For the special Screen issue, a series of six new fonts based on Hounslow was commissioned.
Hounslow available to download

New Font Releases: Korolev
Korolev is a 20 weight sans serif family based on lettering by an anonymous Soviet graphic designer from the propaganda displays at the Communist Red Square parade in 1937. It has been named in honor of Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov, or Korolev, considered by many to be the father of practical astronomics. Tracings done in Illustrator over a photograph featuring this type pinned down some of the basic character shapes. These were then imported into FontLab, where the full glyph complement was developed. The lower-case has been designed from scratch, and adheres to the structural logic of the uppercase as closely as possible. The complete Korolev super-family includes standard, italic, condensed, and compressed versions, each in five weights.
Download the Korolev type specimen PDF, showing working drawings and historical reference
Korolev in the New Fonts section
Korolev Compressed in the New Fonts section
Korolev Condensed in the New Fonts section
Korolev Italic in the New Fonts section

New Font Releases: Maraschino Black
A sleek, sophisticated swash capital font with elegant thick and thin weight distribution. Bold yet poised, direct yet refined. The swash capitals are intended for use at the beginnings of words only - best not to set this in ALL CAPS. Use at larger sizes. Also includes stylistic decorative alternates for certain characters that can be toggled on and off in the Opentype panel.
Maraschino in the New Fonts section
Download the Maraschino type specimen PDF

New Font Releases: Capitol
DF Capitol features two faces, DF Capitol Skyline and DF Capitol Capitals (a multi-weight all-caps compliment) that epitomise Streamline Moderne. Strong geometry and large, open counters with heavily condensed verticals and a succession of contextual alternates and discretionary ligatures. DF Capitol Capitals presents an all-caps companion in four weights. Both contain full support for Eastern and Central European languages.
Download the Capitol type specimen PDF
Download the Capitol Skyline type specimen PDF
Capitol in the New Fonts section
Capitol Skyline in the New Fonts section

On The Line book collection
The complete newspaper strip from The Guardian, drawn by Rian and written by Rick Wright.
"Rian Hughes first explored the possibilities of Adobe Illustrator's vector drawing tools in this stylish strip, forging a modern design-savvy approach that still tips the hat to classic UPA cartoons and the angular work of Gene Dietch. Bold, graphic and expressive, this collection brings together every strip for the very first time, including some unpublished rarities, in a neat hardback designed by Hughes in a pocket-sized format." [Image Comics press release]
48 PAGES, BW, $12.99, 6" X 6"
Available on Amazon

Dare Italia
l mondo di Dan Dare, l'intrepido pilota stellare!
ProGlo Ediziano

Grant Morrison: Walking with Gods film showing at the ICA
Followed by a round table discussion with Frazer Irving, Steve Cook, Paul Gravett and Rian Hughes
ICA website

US edition of Yesterday's Tomorrows released from Image
The collected comics with new cover and interior illustrations in an affordable paperback edition.
Newsarama interview

New sketchbook just released: "Soho Dives, Soho Divas"
A collection of sketches of London's burlesque artistes, produced over the last few months. No computer used - pencils, ink and paper only!

View and purchase Soho Dives, Soho Divas at Blurb.
A mere five English pounds.

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